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Prospective patients depend on reviews when selecting a new provider. 

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Eliminate listing inconsistencies and accelerate SEO.

We’ve got the solution to optimize the three critical metrics that drive your online reputation and brand:

Nine out of ten patients look at online reviews when considering a new provider. 

Local search results factor in your business listings, review engagement practices, and even how you rank against competitors.

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Google's algorithm uses the quality of your listings across review sites to determine how you should rank against competitors. We'll automatically identify inconsistencies across review sites so you don't have to. 

Our tool measures the number of reviews, average ratings, and the sentiment found in your reviews. By effectively managing your reviews not only can you improve the patient experience through sentiment analysis but you can increase your rankings as well.

Our SEO rank tracking software identifies which of your locations are ranking in the top 10 search engine results for your most common unbranded keywords.

If your practice isn’t ranking in the top 3, you’re missing out.  

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