How to Beat Inflation, Maximize Profits, and Grow Your DSO

Inflation is taking its toll on dental care practitioners and their organizations.

This guide provides DSOs a clear 

strategy for exactly how to: 

80% of dental practices have issued pay raises to staff, supply costs have doubled or tripled since the pandemic, and insurance reimbursement rates have been slow to keep up. 

As more individual practices feel the effects of inflation, they’ll be more likely to turn to DSO membership for relief. DSOs who are successful in assisting their practices will be able to move ahead of competitors - attracting new practices and fueling further expansion. 

But how?

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Maximize Practice Revenue 

  • Increase per appointment revenue by 25%
  • Earn $95K + from recall appointments annually 
  • Accelerate accounts receivable collections
  • Earn 5 star online reviews to increase new patient acquisition

Streamline Operations 

  • Automate administrative tasks to reduce staff workload 
  • Reduce appointment no-shows to under 5% 
  • Digitalize intake to see more patients daily

Invest in Right Technology 

  • Consolidate and integrate platforms 
  • Utilize multi-location functionality to scale 
  • Leverage data to make smart decisions
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