The Ultimate Patient-1st Engagement Solution

It’s taken us 20 years to build the ultimate platform for practice managers – and we’re still leading! That’s why SR is the benchmark by which all others measure themselves. If you’re struggling with the limitations of your current system, or are comparing systems, the best place to start your research is with a Sdemo. 

We’ll show you what you should expect from an integrated, patient acquisition and engagement solution! 

You’ll be impressed with the power you’ll have to put patients first. And you’ll have a yardstick by which you can rank all the rest.

We support all medical specialties from individual practices to national health networks.

Get the most capabilities available anywhere!

  • Forms are customizable by patient and appointment type

2-way Texting

  • Reaches back 15+ years
  • Works via text/email/voice

Recall – so thorough, we call it TOTAL Recall

Make your virtual waiting room a reality with SR Intake  

  • Multiple customizable templates available
  • Send personalized packets with the forms you create

Via text, email or Digital In-office

Forms can also be embedded in Reminders

1-click for patient to access

  • See status of forms in real-time
  • Forms are kept on file – so no need for the patient to complete every visit
  • Automatic uploads of completed information and write back data to all major PMs or EHR software 
  • See full message history by patient
  • Match to individual patient’s preferences – minimizes opt-outs
  • Any combination of text/email/voice
  • Patients can opt-out of 1 channel, without opting out of all
  • Flexible options for families – 1 parent, both parents, and/or children
  • Combined Family Reminders for those coming in on the same day.

Customize Reminder messages by: appointment type, patient group, individual patient, languages, channel and remaining time before visit

Progressive messaging ensures that:

  • Patients don’t receive repetitive requests 
  • Patients complete/acknowledge requests before progressing 

Established over 20+ years and millions of data points achieves no-show rates <5%.

Or set to your practice and/or individual patient preferences

  • Cancel/Reschedule Requests
  • Smart auto-responses available e.g. outside of office hours
  • Automated Confirmation Writebacks to your Practice Management.
  • Ability to restrict weekends and early morning reminders for patient preferences.

Insert pre-visit instructions in Reminders  – allows you to offer a COVID-19 compliant, virtual waiting room experience

Even include: Videos, welcome message, CareCredit options, or a Telehealth link.

  • All automated and manual texts consolidated
  • Contactless Payment made in full
  • Ability to send Images and Attachments
  • Templated texts available
  • Accept texts through your website
  • HIPAA consent tracker and easy patient approval via text
  • Interoffice Chat, no need to have multiple systems open at once. 
  • Telehealth links generated for calls via text.

Create your own by:

  • Criteria (age, gender, procedure code, etc.)
  • Upload a CSV (patient ID or name & D.O.B)

Easily message groups affected by schedule situations arising:

  • Inclement weather, doctor absence, etc. 
  • ASAP list

Goes deeper into your database than any other system - maximizing successful contacts:

  • Timing (since last visit)
  • Sequence (use any combination of text/email/voice)
  • Frequency – including escalation options

The most customization options! Set your desired:

Plus configure by appointment type

Message throttling – increase or decrease reach and frequency based on desired patient flow

Works best with our Online Scheduling tool

Let us show you why practices report an average increase in revenue of $95,000.

Our suite of web services covers everything you need to attract more prospects and convert them to patients. We can build you a search-optimized website that will increase your ranking and visibility.

Let us actively manage your online reputation or give you the tools you need to maximize your star ratings. 

If you’re really looking to grow fast, then digital advertising is also available. Once we get you more visitors to your website, we’ll empower you to convert them all into patients with:

  • Website initiated 2-way texting
  • Online (dual) scheduling (that you can control – enabling certain appointment types/times or just requests) 
  • New patient welcome features – e.g. insurance card upload and personalized digital intake

Practice Growth Engine





Outcomes are averages reported by SR customers.

Online Scheduling

Our tool integrates with your practice’s PM system! 

We give you the control to decide if you want to:

The Control you Need, The Options Patients Want

  • You set the parameters! Allow patients to book any appointment type you decide in the time windows you set. (It’s an actual appointment so it reduces potential for conflicts/confusion.)

Or use our dual scheduling module to:

  • Allow patients to request appointments

Whichever option you choose, our customization options allow you to:

  • Get the exact information you need, and
  • Give patients the flexibility they want. They can:

  • Request/Schedule from your website or via a text/email link you send them
  • Request/Schedule from a link you post on your Google profile, Facebook page or include in your Newsletters
  • Ultimate control of your schedule through the ability to approve or deny appointment requests.
  • Request Appointments from Automated Recall Emails/Texts
  • Upload an image of their insurance card

If you get requests out of hours, our smart texting tool will let patients know they still need confirmation from you when you open.

-Saves time and reduces errors.

*To qualify for the gift card you must be representing a medical facility/practice/network with a compatible practice management system.


We provide superior functionality at a price point that delivers unbeatable value. That’s a guarantee! Our advisors have the flexibility to provide a quote that will work for your configuration – whether you’re a single practice or a multi-unit health system. To get specific pricing please call or chat with us now.